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You may be wondering, “what is the beautiful comeback all about?” It’s all about having the tenacity to rise up in your life and crawl your way back to your goals and desires despite what happened. It’s about making yourself a priority and investing in yourself just like you do anything else. It’s about knowing that you’re worth a moment of your time, and understanding that you should take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual self.

The beautiful comeback is about you taking that trip, writing that book, launching that business, or pursuing that career. You’re not here just for the amusement of others or to be the mule who does the handy work of the corporate workforce, but somewhere in your life, you should actually find fullfillment, purspose, and joy.

If the time has come for your vacation or a holiday getaway, take it. Don’t keep putting your plans off until next time because next time may never come. I took this trip right in the middle of finals when I was finishing up my MBA. I simply packed my laptop and spent a little time each day out on the deck to study. This article is written for anyone who keeps making excuses as to why they haven’t taken a break or celebrated themselves in some way. The late Jim Rohn said, “don’t miss anything. Don’t miss the game. Don’t miss the performance, don’t miss the movie, don’t miss the show, don’t miss the dance. To see everything, and experience all that you possibly can.” You’re worth the time away, so take it. It’s your life!

Because regardless of who you are and what you’ve been through, you deserve to celebrate, yourself. Life is going to happen, sometimes it’s going to bring you to your knees, but it’s how you get up that really matters. Lately, I’ve been going through some unexpected situations myself, I talk about it on The Beautiful Comeback YouTube Channel in great detail. However, I refuse to let any situation rob me of the opportunity to smile, celebrate myself, and work towards my goals. That’s what this whole movement is all about. It’s about showing up in your life with all of your experiences, hardships, and imperfections still sporting that crown, believing in yourself, and living your best life.

Below, you’ll get direct access to my YouTube Channel. You’ll find all the ways that I’ve been investing in myself and making a beautiful comeback in my life despite all of the obstacles that I’ve faced. You’ll find that my channel is so imperfect, but it didn’t stop me from starting. I launched it even though I needed a new camera and wasn’t really sure how everything was going to turn out. Now I have a high-tech camera on the way, a beautiful comeback blog launched, and a full map of how the content will get displayed over the course of the next year. I didn’t have all that a 1st, but I started. You can too. Whatever it is that you wanted to do, now is the time. Put yourself out there and do what’s in your heart to do. You can click on any of the topics below to view the related video on my YouTube channel. New, high-quality, content coming real soon.


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The Beautiful Comeback – Welcome. This video is all about understanding the purpose of The Beautiful Comeback Movement. It’s just a heart-to-heart talk about how it’s important to spend time in self-reflection and self-care. It’s designed to encourage you that you can make a beautiful comeback in your life anytime and anywhere. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – My Yoni Egg Experience & Review. So girls, if you don’t know, you better ask somebody. Yoni eggs are the business for your vagina. Yoni eggs are said to balance menstrual cycles, improve urinary and digestive health, increase libido and orgasms, and strengthen the pelvic floor and vagina muscles. So, a few months ago, I decided to give them a try. I must say, at first, it was a little scary because my Yoni eggs didn’t want to come out when it was time to take them out. Also, you have to remember that they are in there, because I mean if you have a long sit on the toilet, you don’t want it coming out at the wrong time. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to use it after something like that, and they are pretty pricey depending on the kind you get. Plus, you want to make sure that your Yoni eggs are certified pure and not some fake stuff that’s going to cause a problem. Overall, I noticed a lot of great benefits from using the Yoni eggs. I felt more in-tune with myself, I did experience most of the said benefits. My cycle has always been normal so it didn’t need to be regulated. I talk about my Yoni Egg experience in a detailed video on my YouTube channel. I also provide the exact links as to where I got my eggs in the description. Okay, well, enjoy! CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – What Made Me Want To Lose Weight After 40. This video is all about the inspiration behind my weight loss journey. Since the video, I had lost about 50 pounds but then found out that I was pregnant after that, lol. Oh, the irony, right? However, the things I learned on my weight loss journey will be implemented after my child is born, and I plan to lose the weight all over again. Yeah, I get to do it again, hahaha. However, here’s what inspired me to even get started. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – My Wildcrafted Sea Moss Review.  So I tried sea moss for the 1st time. I read that sea moss can improve gut health, immunity, and even help with weight loss. It’s also a great source of Iodine. So I decided to give it a try. I found a really good reputable company and here are my results. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – Yoga Helped Me Make A Beautiful Comeback. Yoga has truly been a beautiful experience for me. Some of the said benefits are improved flexibility, stress relief, improved mental health, reduced inflammation, weight reduction, improved cardio and circulatory health, and improved athletic performance. When I started doing yoga every day, it really helped me feel less stressed, more mentally calm, and I was breathing better and deeper with improved circulation. You can view my full video on how Yoga helped me make a beautiful comeback. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair Fast.
Since I’ve been on this beautiful comeback journey, I’ve found all kinds of tips, tricks, and beauty hacks. One of them was just how to get rid of grey hair fast. I normally, henna dye my hair to keep it stronger, and to cover any greys, but in between treatments, I’d get these pesky little grey hairs around the edges.
In this video, I share how I get rid of them fast. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – My Derma Rolling Skin Care Hack. If you haven’t heard of Derma Rolling, it’s just a little handheld device with needles on it that roll. You use the needles on your face and neck to promote more supple skin. Some of the benefits of Derma Rolling are new blood vessels to the skin which creates more collagen in the skin for firmer skin. Studies convey that 4 treatments a month can improve collagen production by 400%. You can view my full derma rolling video on YouTube. You can also check the description for my preferred derma rolling products. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

The Beautiful Comeback – I Tried Whiting My Teeth, YIKES! I love tea! Yet, I had no idea that my love for turmeric tea was literally staining my teeth. I mean when you factor in years of meals, coffee, and now my turmeric tea, my teeth were deeply stained. So I tried whitening them. Here’s my review of a teeth whitening system called Luelli. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – My Favorite Skin Care Line for Beautiful, Supple, and Regenerated Skin. I was on the movie set of Hero In Our Eyes – The H.K. Matthews story.  Most of the directors and cast were rooming together. I had run out of my face moisturizer and asked the make-up artist if she had any. She already had beautiful flawless skin, and she gave me a sample packet of this stuff that just made my skin feel instantly smooth, soft, and supple. I was so impressed with the sample packet that I connected with a rep and brought the whole skincare line. Here’s my review of the products. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The Beautiful Comeback – My Product Is In. This video is all about the products that I use to make natural hair and skincare products. I got a massive shipment in, so if you’re interested in some of the best herbs for growing strong healthy hair, then see the video. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

So, I have a new camera coming! I’m excited because I’ll be able to bring you guys great footage of the baby, clear product revies, and amazing girl talks  without the uncomfrotable blurry screens ext. 

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