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Did you want to make money online? Planning to work from home or start an onine business or even a combination of both can be a duanting task. Nowadays, there’s so much information out there concerning the subject that it can be quite confusing but no worries, I’ve got your back.

My Beautiful Comeback Total Biz hub will provide you with all the tools you need to start your online biz or to find an online career or freelance job. This is a real place to find authentic ways to leverage the internet for profits.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for over 10 years now. I’ve been leveraging the internet for profits looong before the pandemic ever hit. I know how to find high-paying virtual contracts for a short period of time and how to build virtual businesses that are totally mine. Even though I enjoy short-term contracts for investment purposes, I know exactly where you can find that perfect long-term 9-5 that allows you to thrive right from the comfort of your own home.

However, my biggest accomplishment yet, is in the space of virtual income, is discovering how to create virtual products that I create one-time but that earn money for years to come, 24 hours a day. Once I create my digital products, I just blog about them, generate crazy organic traffic, and make unlimited sales. Just one eBook, eCourse, ePlanner, or eCoaching program centered around a topic that you know a lot about, can earn you thousands upon thousands of dollars. When I discovered this skill set, it became my freedom meal ticket. That means I can take a work contract or leave it on the table because my eBooks, eCourses, and eCoaching programs continue to earn me money 24/7.  Yet, with every great story comes to its pitfalls. There can be the slopes downhill if you host your products on a bad server, or don’t understand how to set up highly converting sales pages. If you don’t know how to track analytics and you’re just putting your content out there, blindly, hoping someone will buy it, you’ll be disappointed and probably will not be successful at the craft of what I call, “automatic virtual income.”  That is why I’m here I’ve made all those mistakes. All of them have reeked havoc on my resources and time. However, I’ve overcome them all, and I can tell you exactly how to land your 1st job online, and I can show you how to use that money as leverage to set up your automatic virtual income sources.


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Biz Hub – The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home. I’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you to make the whole process for working from home as easy as 1-2-3. In this guide, I show you exactly how to find and interview for real work-from-home jobs. I provide the exact sites that are hiring so there’s no guesswork. These are REAL PAYING VIRTUAL JOBS, that pay weekly or bi-weekly not these pay with points survey companies or fake job sites. In the guide, I also provide the Exact equipment that you need to purchase to set up your home office so you don’t need to understand RAM, Core Processors, USB headsets, or minimal program space required to manage your work-from-home contracts. My suggestions are the absolute lowest start-up-cost on the web and your home office will pay for itself over and over again. In addition to the work-from-home guide, I’ve added a BONUS guide that reveals exactly how to get your own business up and running on the web for less than $100. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

Biz Hub – Totally My Biz Coaching Program. Totally My Biz is about evoking limitless energy into building virtual businesses that are transformational for the people we serve. As the CEO and found, I combine, mentality coaching, spiritual inspiration, & biz building strategies to develop courses that truly help my clients get results. If you’ve been wanting to start a business on the internet, but haven’t been sure where to start, I can help you get started by providing the (step-by-step) process to reaching your online biz goals. If you already have an online biz but feel overwhelmed, stagnated, and stuck, I can help you get unstuck so that you can get results & a profitable return on your efforts. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY ONLINE BIZ COACHING PROGRAM.


Biz Hub – How To Build A Profitable Blog Strategy. In this absolutely FREE training, you’re going to discover EXACTLY how to build a blog strategy. If you didn’t know, bloggers can earn 5 -7 figures simply mastering a subject and writing or vlogging about it on the web while promoting related products concerning the subject. If you’re wondering what is a blog, you’re on one. This is a blog. As you can see, I am blogging about having a beautiful comeback in your life. The services that I offer, on this blog, help you to do that, right? I’m showing the products and services that can improve your physical, mental, spiritual, and financial life so that you can overcome the roadblocks that are standing in the way of your beautiful comeback. Not only does this blog provide a ton of FREE content to help improve your life, but it has affiliate products and courses and content that I’ve created to earn profits. In this FREE training: Developing A Blog Strategy, I show you how to develop your blog strategy so that you don’t launch your blog blindly but rather with a strategy that both provides value and earns you profits. We are not guessing, wishing, and hoping for profits, but we are strategizing and tracking analytics so that our actions are profitable. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FREE TRAINING NOW!

Biz Hub – Contribution Profits. In this FREE training, I’m going to give you the blueprint to earning the EXACT amount of money that you want to earn through increasing the value that you provide in the marketplace. That’s right! Your earning potential is tied to the amount of value that you provide. Therefore, if you want to earn more, you’ve got to contribute more. In many cases that means mastering a skill that is in high demand and charging for it. It also means providing solutions that consumers will pay you for, or offering them something that is essential for living. I remember, being a newbie in the world of internet marketing. I assumed that because I spent countless hours building and promoting products people would buy them. No, they shouldn’t have, unless they found the products or services valuable to what they actually needed to solve a problem or improve their life in some way. I later discovered that it’s not the amount of time that you spend on a “thing” that makes you the money, it’s the amount of value that the “thing” provides that earns you BIG profits. People don’t products, they buy solutions, and when what you offer makes a difference in their life, you will never have to sell anything, EVER, again. You have to learn how to turn your skillset into an invaluable service that you can charge for within the marketplace. In this FREE training, I show you EXACTLY how to do that. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FREE TRAINING NOW!

Biz Hub – How To Set Up Your Blog In WordPress. If you’re ready to set up your blog and start blogging now, this FREE training is for you! In this absolutely FREE training, I show you EXACTLY how to set up your blog using a hosting provider & WordPress. Please be advised that the video has branding in it that is no longer active on the web. In the last year, I’ve restructured my entire brand and retired a lot of content, so going to my old websites that are featured in the video will not help you. However, the information in the video is worth thousands of dollars as I show you the (step-by-step) process to set up your WordPress blog.  You will discover how to pick your domain name, get a hosting provider, and install your blog so that you can start blogging, providing value, and promoting products and services on the web right away! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FREE TRAINING NOW!

Biz Hub – How To Overcome Blogger’s Anxiety. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in your online business-building process. Sometimes, you can have good intentions, but then you’re faced with doubt, anxiety, and confusion concerning your ability to build biz in the 1st place. You log into your computer and you’re faced with multiple distractions, popups, text messages, emails, and on top of all of that, you’re fighting with the programs that are embedded in your subconscious mind that stagnate your progress. This FREE training is designed to help you overcome mental anxiety in your online business. It will help you get Un-stuck so that you can become more productive in your online business-building process. It will help you to engage in income-producing-activities to exchange value for profits much faster. You’ll discover how to embrace your process for sustained online business anxiety relief. (Please be advised that the training was filmed on my old website, unfortunately, you will not find all the FREEBIES I was offering at that time as those offers have expired, but you will learn a lot from the training so go ahead get started). CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FREE TRAINING NOW!

Biz Hub – 4-Ways To Steal Your Focus Back & Be Less Distracted. We are bombarded with information now more than ever! It’s easy to get side-tracked from your goals and feel totally overwhelmed due to information overload. Information is everywhere and there’s an endless stream of pop-ups, text messages, and emails that have absolutely nothing to do with what you need to accomplish in a day. Here’s a very short, FREE, video that I’ve created just for you! It will show you EXACTLY how to overcome these distractions and be more focused so that you can reach your goals. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FREE VIDEO NOW

Biz Hub – How To Create Landing Pages & Send Automatic Emails To People.  Okay, guys, we are getting down to the meat and potatoes of this whole blog profits marketing thing. You want to have a strategy and understand what your contribution value is. You want to set up your blog and be focused, but with all that being said, you want to be smart and capture your traffic and leads so that you can easily convert sales on your blog. Statistically speaking, about 70% of people need to see an offer more than once before they make a purchasing decision. That means that 70% of your blog traffic will visit your blog and leave without purchasing a thing. If you do not capture that traffic in some way, it will be gone forever. That is why you want to have lead pages or offers that require visitors to signup so that they can leave information for you to follow up with later. If you look at my blog, you will see a newsletter offering visitors regular emails from me to help them grow their biz. Later, as the blog progresses, you will find lead pages that offer free training or eBooks that visitors can subscribe to and receive. This is how I collect visitor information in exchange for valuable content. I then send those subscribers regular automated emails helping them achieve their goals. Once I’ve provided them with enough FREE valuable information, I offer additional courses and content that they can buy to continue their progress. I do all of this through email marketing. See 1st hand how this works. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE & Get MY FREE COURSE ON CREATING LANDING PAGES AND SENDING AUTOMATIC EMAILS TO PEOPLE.

Biz Hub – The Common Mistakes Bloggers Make. Okay, so this video is a little bit ancient, but it’s a good one to watch because it will help you to avoid a lot of the mistakes that new bloggers make. Unfortunately, there are people who have been blogging for a while that may still be making these mistakes, but they just don’t know. So if you truly want to earn $5,000 or more per month from your blog, you want to watch this video because these mistakes can sabotage your profits. You want to watch this video and go through this list with me so that you can ensure that you’re not making these mistakes. Please remember that I’ve retired a lot of my older blogs so just focus on the information and not the branding. I assure you that everything you need will be right here. CLICK HERE TO WATCH COMMON MISTAKES THAT BLOGGERS MAKE.

Biz Hub – Build Profitable Niche Blogs With SEO & Keyword Search. Here’s another ancient training that I absolutely promise is worth watching. Again, focus on the content and not the branding because what you’re going to learn is how to optimize your blog to trigger specific keywords that explode your online traffic to boost your leads and conversions. You will understand exactly how search engines work, what gets you ranked high in them, and how they can earn you a ton of money online. You will discover how to find the highest-ranking keywords for your niche. Some things have changed such as terminology but the process is the same. You need to understand SEO and keywords to maximize your exposure on the internet and grow your blog biz. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS FREE SEO & KEYWORD SEARCH TRAINING.

It’s often said that, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That is definately true when it comes to blogging. You need a blog profits plan to help you stay on the right track for providing value and leveraging that value for profits.

That is why I’ve created the Blog Biz Profits Planner just for you! It’s designed to help you clarify your blog+biz vision. It will help you to establish your niche and find your target market. You’ll discover how to monetize your blog content and manage your blog+biz operations and financial sales. This planner will help you to map out your blog+biz content, marketing strategies, and promotions so that you can grow your blog into a full 5-7 figure business. CLICK HERE TO GET IT NOW!



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