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If you didn’t know, I’m definitely expecting. Boy, was I shocked when I found out. After discovering that I could end up a single parent in the situation, I was very devastated and just couldn’t believe that a situation like that could be possible at my age (42). I definitely didn’t plan this situation nor did I see it coming.

After a lot of prayer and some intense therapy, I came to terms with the fact that I was pregnant, and I was not sure about the status of my relationship. Although, things are much better now, and I do feel I will have the support of his dad, at this point, it’s still another beautiful comeback story. You can follow the journey of the birth and special moments of my precious baby’s life. I want to be the example that even when the unexpected happens, you can turn it into a postive situation and make a beautiful comeback. It’s all in how you view a situaiton and what you do about it. I’m not ashamed to say that I have coaches and a team of people to help me out when I need it. Because of my spiritual life, some good friends, amazing family members, and mentors I’ve come this far to present to you, The Book Of ELi. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE MY BABY BOY IN REAL-TIME ON AN ULTASOUND.

His first & middle name is Elijah Shamar, I love the name as it has intense meaning behind it. I didn’t just want to pick any name. I had to really think and pray about it. I’m so past just going for a name because it sounds good. It has to be a name that means something, and I have to be spiritually inspired.

Below, I’m going to talk about what the name means and why I love it. I’m also going to link a lot of footage from the gifts that have been pouring in from my friends and family since they found out that Elijah was on the way.

This is the page to get exclusive insights on Elijah’s birth story and his very 1st released images. Hopefully, I’ll be able to upload some morning routines, nighttime rituals, and the journey to getting back in shape and balancing my life again, after his birth. I pray everything goes well. All the footage will be posted, right here, in the Book Of ELi.

Let’s Get Started With The Book Of ELi.

Elijah – What Does The Name Mean? The name Elijah originated from the Hebrew phrase Eliyyahu which derived from the 9th century BCE.  The name Elijah means, “Yahweh is my God.” Elijah, like Moses, was called to lead God’s people away from harm and corruption. He was sent to deliver them from the worshipers of Baal. Elijah was very strong in statue and in 1 scripture, he outran a chariot of horses as Jezebel and her army was out to destroy him because he did not believe Baal but rather Yah. According, to the scriptures, Elijah was so loved by God that he never experienced death but was taken up into heaven on a chariot of fire. Elijah, “my God is Yahweh.”

Shamar – What Does The Name Mean? The name Shamar is of Arabic descent. In the Arabic culture, it means “Fennel,” to keep watch or to guard. Shamar is an observer and watchman. Now for some Babynology trivia, a person with the name Shamar is said to be an inspiring and creative visionary. They possess all the intelligence, sensitivity, and electric creativity that such power would suggest. They have very high inventiveness. They radiate reliability and consistency. People trust them and feel secure with their judgment. They are also arrogant and egocentric. (He’s already shown that trait by laughing at the doctor for trying to force his head out my cervix so she could take pictures of my birth canal. He laughed and threw his hand up. She could not move him).

Unboxing Baby Clothes – Episode 1. This video is the unboxing of his very 1st box of baby items that were sent by a friend/family member. I was so excited! You will be too as we unbox these lovely items for Elijah. Click Here To Watch Baby Clothes Unboxing Episode 1.

Unboxing Baby Clothes – Episode 2. This video is the unboxing of some more baby items. I was so shocked to find a lot of great items in the box for me too. It was close to valentines day so it was nice to get some things too. Click Here To Watch Baby Clothes Unboxing Episode 2.

Unboxing Baby Clothes  – Episode 3. This video is me unboxing some more baby clothes. Again, my friend/family sent some more items for me too. Yay! I love this unboxing, I hope you do too. Click Here To Watch Baby Clothes Unboxing Episode 3.

Click The Image Below To See Recent Ultrasound Pics.

Unboxing Baby Clothes – Episode 4. Yay! The baby got another box. This box was full of some essential items that he is going to need a lot of. I was so happy to get the box and find the practical items inside of it. My sister also sends me some maternity clothes and I’m truly thankful for them. The material was so nice and soft. It’s all inside! Click Here To Watch Baby Clothes Unboxing Episode 4.

Unboxing Baby Clothes – Episode 5. This video will be uploaded in about 1 week once I get the crib and some other items in. I’m going to create a video to reveal all of it, so check back.

Elijah Shamar – Birth Story. We’ve reached a snag. Hang tight, it will get posted right here when that day arrives. Elijah Shamar is scheduled to arrive between May13th-16th. That leaves us about 9-weeks from this post date to his birthday.

Elijah Shamar – 1st Week At Home. Some details will be posted when that time comes. Just keep checking back after my due date for updates.

Elijah Shamar – YouTube Playlist. Here’s where you’ll be able to keep up with his progress. I will create a playlist on my YouTube channel called the book of ELI. That’s where I will post more about him, our routines, and more. You will be able to access the playlist HERE once it’s created. Check back soon for that update.

I hope you’ve enjoyed The Book Of ELI! A lot more is to come and, as stated ealier, it will be posted on his Playlist on my YouTube Channel. If you want to CashApp Elijah send it to $tdaviscole and it will go toward items for him. He has been really blessed so far, but I do not want to block anyone who wants to bless him. If you CashApp Elijah at $tdaviscole please label it for Elijah Shamar. Thank You.

You can look forward to his birth story and updates on his growth and development right here on this special page built just for him. Of course, I’m going to launch a store with his own brand of things and but Rome wasn’t built in a day, so check back for updates!

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